found facebook poetry

what’s found poetry? and why is it on facebook?

Found poetry is a particular sub-type of poetry in which words, phrases, paragraphs, etc. are lifted, sometimes in large blocks, from other sources and reframed as a poem.

You can learn more on this kind of poetry from Wikipedia and you can see some more examples from here.

Why Facebook?

Simple. I wrote a post about a dream I’d had one day on Facebook. Then I took a step back (digitally and virtually speaking – I’m almost always sitting when I’m on the computer but that’s neither here nor there) and was kinda stunned to discover that when I tilted my head precisely 34 degrees to the right, it turned into a poem.

After that moment, just as the yellow Volkswagen theory posits, found poems were suddenly everywhere I looked on Facebook.

Et voila, mesdames et monsieurs .. .la poesie trouvee de Facebook.

Contributions Accepted

Did you find a poem on Facebook? (I mean a found poem, y’all. Not the glurgetastic greeting card sentiments your great-aunt Nellie just posted.)

Wanna share it with the world?

Well, then send it in, hot shot! I can only pay you in deep appreciation and mad props for your poetry-finding skillz (and a link, if you want it) but hey, found Facebook poetry is its own reward.

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