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the year i crossed “the bridge to terabithia”

I  happened across this article on EW.com earlier in the week, and it brought back some memories. (Warning: if you haven’t read the book yet, that article gives away a pretty stunning development in the plot.)

Back in the late ’80s or early 90s (I honestly forget), I had the honor of being a cast member for the premiere of the stage version of The Bridge to Terabithia, at Stage One in Louisville, KY.

I played Brenda – both older sisters were combined into one role for the play.

Ms. Paterson was involved in the production. We saw her a few times late in the rehearsal process and again on opening night, where she gifted us all with autographed copies of the book.

It was one of the standout moments of my short career on stage, I have to say – a truly moving story, that really seemed to hit home hard with our audiences (mostly upper middle school to high school students).

Being in the play was my first exposure to the story, but years later as a mom, I made my daughter read it, and the impact was just as profound on her.  It’s just a remarkable story, very well told, in any medium.

I highly recommend it as the addition to any summer reading list for middle grades and up. Even though the ending of the story is tragic and might be tough on younger kids, what Katherine Paterson does with that story is pure magic.

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