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the first rule of facebook fight club…

Recent experiences on the Book o’ Face prompted me to write the following.

  1. I am allowed to disagree with you.
  2. The fact that I disagree does not mean I hate you. It also doesn’t mean: I don’t respect you, I think you’re dumb, I wasn’t listening, I don’t understand you, or that I despise everything you stand for.
  3. What it does mean? That I disagree with you. Period. End of sentence.
  4. If I disagree with you, I’m gonna say so. Probably. (If it’s something I care about. Otherwise: Not my circus. Not my monkeys.)
  5. If I say so, please take a deep breath before replying. (I took one before I said so, I PROMISE you.) Ask yourself whether what you’re about to write is about what we’re disagreeing about, or if it’s about *me.* Or *you.* The former belongs in a civilized debate. The latter two do not.
  6. If you disregard #5 and come at me, see #4. I AM gonna say something. I’ll be polite about it – or will try very hard to be. (If I’m not, you have my permission to call me out on that fact.)
  7. This does not give you the right to act all offended and butt-hurt about #6.
  8. If you DO act offended and butt-hurt about #6, see #4.
  9. If you have a significant problem with any of this, well, there’s a really easy fix for that.
  10. All of the above? Also applies to you.

2 thoughts on “the first rule of facebook fight club…

  1. These need to be posted on Facebook – somewhere in the “terms and conditions of use”. Of course if these were followed it would kinda defeat the point of Facebook. I think of Facebook like MTV’s “The Real World”, let’s put a bunch of personalities types almost guaranteed to not listen and throw them into a house full of cameras and watch what happens.

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