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That Dream (Found Facebook Poetry)

Beck, I had the weirdest dream last night and you were in it.
We were in this huge skyscraper hotel on the beach but
a tidal wave was coming. All the idiots
had gathered in the top floor bar
to watch the wave come in.
— Not you and me.
I went looking for you and found
you’d made this awesome camp in the stairwell landing
three floors down. You had
food, sleeping bags, everything
we’d need to survive a few days.
I kept ducking out to the hall
to check through the window
to see if the wave was coming, and
the last time I saw this
ginormous wall of water headed towards us.
I ran back into the stairwell and
we felt the building shake, but
we were totally fine. Then
we were suddenly
driving in a convertible with Robert Conrad –
– the guy from “Wild Wild West” (the TV show) –
and singing
Aerosmith songs.
does a spot-on
Steven Tyler impression
on “Cryin’.”
Who knew?)


I woke up.

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