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smash-ing: 5/4/2013 (updated)

SMASH. Live-blogging. Now. Don’t go if ya don’t wanna know, etc. Updates below the previous.

8:01:  So!

Kyle’s actually dead. That happened.

8:02: Not happening, however, is Cartwills. Again.

8:05: And apparently Scott’s turning into a bit of …. I dunno. Something not good.

8:06: Oh Karen. I have this book I want you to read.

8:09: The literally “warm and fuzzy” flashbacks are messing with me.

But Tom can sing Billy Joel for me any time.

8: something I forgot to look: Ah, Jerry, nice to see you again. And Eileen’s got a drink in her hand. Odds?

8:a few minutes after the time I just forgot: There’s the Eileen we know and love!

8:32: Oh, my word, if this cold, wet walk through dark alleys Karen’s on isn’t a grand metaphor for some damn thing or another…

8:35: SQUEE! We finally get to see mini-Marilyn! She’s adorbs.

8:38: Yeah, KAREN. Sheesh! Can’t you see it’s all about Jimmy? It’s ALWAYS ALL ABOUT JIMMY. KAREN.

8:40: Riiight. there we go. ::::facepalm:::: “You shouldn’t love me.” LISTEN TO THE MAN!

8:42: There’s more drama with Julia and Scott and I just can’t seem to make myself care enough to summarize it. Sorry. Bottom line: Julia’s apparently done.

8:46: Could this be any more Rent-after-Jonathan-Larson-died? They’re seriously doing a sing-through? I thought they were … oh, never mind.

8:50: And Sam is the quintessential professional here, stepping aside graciously for All-About-Jimmy.

8:53: Is anyone else as creeped out by those Virgin Mobile “retrain your brain” ads? Just me? OK, then.

8:55: How come I never noticed that weird thing going on with Kyle’s hair before?  Also: “Maybe you can fix what I couldn’t” – um. NO.

8:57: Now Eileen is thanking Jerry. They’re all milling around outside. And Sam’s there. OH MY GOD Y’ALL JERRY’S GONNA GO HIT LIST…

8:58: Yep. Jerry’s taking Hit List to Broadway. Called it.

8:59: Aw. Bombshell dims its lights for Kyle. OK, that was oddly moving.

9:00: Previews – is that the redhead again? I kind of love her. And – uh – aren’t these the same previews from last week?


Looking for full recaps? Try EW’s recap here. TVLine has an interview with Andy Mientus (“Kyle”) here.

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