young adults

scenes from a coffee shop

SCENE: Outdoor, patio, coffee shop. Our heroine, ANNIE, is typing on a Mac Air, when the phone rings.
ANNIE: Hello?
JESSICA: (voice-over) Hi Mom, um, I have a question.
ANNIE: OK, what’s your question?
JESSICA: Can I destroy your old phone?
ANNIE: Um. What?
JESSICA: Can I destroy your old phone?
ANNIE: Um, I was going to recycle that … how about one of the older phones, do we have any of those in the kitchen drawers?
JESSICA: Um, but I already … um …
ANNIE: You already destroyed it?
JESSICA: Weeelllll, not *destroyed* per se ….
ANNIE: (facepalm)
JESSICA: I just sort of took it apart? A little? I mean I didn’t do anything worse to it.
ANNIE: (deep breath)
JESSICA: Sooooo ….
ANNIE: Yeah. Sure. Knock yourself out. Just don’t touch the pieces with your bare hands – use gloves. And clean it up.
ANNIE: (headdesk)

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