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oh, rory.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

Have you taken it?

It’s based off a now-off-the-air TV show, Gilmore Girls, in which the daughter of the title pair, Rory, was pretty much always seen reading one book or another. Someone with a lot of free time apparently went through the show, episode by episode, and made a list of those books, found screenshots of the covers, and created a list challenge. The grand total: 339 books, comprising works by authors from Ancient Greece all the way up to the present, fiction and nonfiction, history and biography.

My score? 182.

And it kind of triggered a compulsion inside me. I couldn’t ignore those remaining 157 books.

So, I made a list of them. I took off a few titles that I had just zero interest in (I won’t name which ones because I hate offending writers – it’s hard to write a book, and the least I can do is honor the effort).

And I’m left with 127 books.

And I’m gonna read each and every single one.

Actually, I’m gonna read much more than that, because for one of the titles by Henry James, I’m substituting his collected works — novels, shorts, criticism, and plays. And that guy was prolific, y’all.

I’d already started with the James collection (right now, I’ve read Watch and Ward, his first novel and the only one he later disowned in life – for reasons that are fairly apparent to me even on a single reading, and am about halfway through Roderick Hudson, which has some interesting things to say about the nature of art and creativity).

I’m going to add into this initial mix The Selected Works of Simone de Beauvoir, whom I’ve never read.

And periodically, I’m planning to write about the experience here. So, if you want to follow along, just bookmark this page, and check back weekly. I’ll try to do my updates regularly on Saturdays. (No promises.)


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