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more found poetry on facebook

this time, my own …thanks to Parker P. for pointing it out and formatting it!

Last dream I remember:

Two friends and I were knights. 
Like, modern day, 
but full-on knights. 

Titles, armor, swords, and everything. 
But just – updated. 

We had motorcycles 
instead of horses. 

Oh and the kingdom stretched 
across different dimensions. 

And something was off 
with the timestream 
because when we went back 
to one dimension, 
it looked like it had been abandoned years ago. 

Oh and there were gods. 

I know this because 
when we went back 
to the abandoned dimension, 
one of my sister knights turned to me and said 

“NOW do you smell the gods?”

Annie Sisk 
August 3, 2013

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