Annie’s Story

I’m a copywriter — which means I write words for other people, mostly businesses.

I’m also a novelist-in-progress. Currently, I’m working on revisions to my first novel, a paranormal thriller for young adults called The Coven of the Moons. If all goes well, it’ll be the first title in a four-part series.

I used to be a lawyer. That ended badly.

I’ve had a lot of other “lives” in my life so far, too: an actor, a teacher, a bartender, a strip-club waitress, and some other stuff. But words have been my passion since Mrs. Kirchguessner first put a chubby pencil in my chubby hand in the first-grade classroom of Frank Porter Graham Elementary.

Among those who know me well, I am told I am known for:

  • An addiction to yoga pants
  • Fuzzy slippers
  • A true and abiding loathing of shopping
  • A nearly pathological optimism
  • My laugh
  • My honey-mustard salmon (it is good, I have to admit)
  • A passion for Peet’s Dark French Roast coffee

On this site, I’ll be blogging about writing, books, creativity, and — on occasion — the odd personal anecdote.

I’ve published many, many other blogs over the years — some are still up, some are hidden, some are gone and accessible only via the Wayback Machine. The ones still alive (albeit on hiatus until I get the novel completed) are Pajama Productivity and Trauma Dolls.

You can drop me a line here.