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Annie’s Story

I’m a writer.

I’m also a web developer, marketing consultant, copywriter, and business coach.

I used to be a lawyer. That ended badly.

I also used to be an actor. That ended not-so-badly, but I still regret leaving it a little.

I also used to be a strip-club waitress, a bartender, and the girl who embroiders logos and other crap on golf shirts.

I live in the mountains.

I hate starting so many sentences with the word “I.”

I live in yoga pants and have four pairs of shoes. (But I also have a sizzlin’ collection of fuzzy slippers. My current faves: hot pink, with bows and crystals. My daughter gave them to me for Christmas last year.)

I wish I could have a dog but our landlord said “no pets.” ::::: le sigh:::::

You can drop me a line here.


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