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and now for some helpful self-publishing insight…

Ran across a few super-helpful resources today via other writers on Facebook that I thought might be share-worthy for those who are interested in self-publishing, as I increasingly am these days:

Interview with Greg Wilkey

For YA authors, especially, this interview with successful YA author Greg Wilkey (the Mortimer Drake series) at Tammy Farrell’s site would be of interest. Wilkey talks about a number of issues facing writers — from the technical (he likes adverbs! yay!) to the productive (he likes heavy metal music! yay yay!).

An In-Depth Look at the Numbers

Self-published author Nick Stephenson shared a spreadsheet – a spreadsheet, y’all! – and discussed what he learned from marketing his books in 2013 in “Crunching Some Numbers” at his site. There are some practical insights here you and I can benefit from, having to do with pricing, running promotions, and the effectiveness of social media vs. email marketing.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll see y’all back here next week!

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